Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday at my home...

Since tomorrow is September first, I have been looking for some new fall decoration for our home. I went to Walmart and they had nothing in the seasonal kitchen towels like I normally find but they did have this pack of rooster kitchen towels and potholders and I just love the color of the set, fall colors...some of my favorite.

Rooster kitchen set~

 This is what they look like all unbundled~

these are some stitcheries I finished up almost a year ago but as you can tell have not finished them~
I don't know what to do with them. I was thinking of making just some mini wall hangings out of them but am not sure. Maybe they will just sit here and collect dirt and dust :)

Today I moved all of the furniture in the living room that can be moved and vac/mopped under everything. I did this just a few months ago and was suprised to find so much dust under everything. Now I know it is clean under things and tomorrow I will be febreezing everything and it will all smell wonderful.

Roger is taking off Friday of this week and Monday of next week(for Labor day) so he will have a nice 4 day weekend. I will enjoy his being home as I miss him when he is gone all day long.

My daughter Jennifer mentioned that the grandkids have been enjoying school, especially Katie as she gets to ride the school bus to and from school. Dylan is getting so big, not physically but age wise actually they both are.

We are planning a small get together for Roger's new sister at our home the weekend of Sept. 10 and we are looking forward to seeing her and her husband again. Nothing fancy or big, just a BBQ and some good company.

Blessings, JoAnn

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday

This was the first part done on the Winter wonderland project,~


I have made some more progress on it~

Here is what the whole thing looks like so far, sorry it's not the greatest picture~
And here are the babies doing what they do best, sleeping all day :)

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Monday and that the rest of the week is as wonderful too. Blessings,Joann

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First blog post on my new blog :)

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am hoping my friends who read my old blog will enjoy my new blog.

First let me tell you all that I want you to understand that I am a Bible Believing Christian and that this is a Christ centered blog. Anyone can read my blog but I just wanted to say that right up front. Am I a perfect Christian NO, Do I do wrong things sometimes YES, Does Jesus forgive me and give me  a new day every day YES.

I do not post comments from annonymous people, if you want to leave a comment at least be brave enough to leave your name.

The intent of this blog is I want a place to write my feelings out, share parts of my day, share my family and to make some great blog friends. I will also include my thoughts on things and my own opinion. You may not agree with me on some things but thats okay everyone is entitled to their own opinions on things. I will also share my adventures of homekeeping, yes I said adventures as this is how I look at it, every day is a new adventure. I am big on making a list and have a modified Home Keeper Binder, mine is different than most because I have no children at home and I don't homeschool. I love to make lists, but have the darndest time following them. If I actually did everything on my list everyday my home would be like  a spotless home.

My husband works very had and also has a very hard and long commute each and every day. We get up at 5am and he usually comes home somewhere between 6-7pm that is a very long day and I appreciate his doing that so very much. I want him to come home to a clean and cozy home that is a place of rest for him, to a nice meal every I accomplish this everyday??NO but I usually try my best.

I have many things to work on in my life, I try hard to live as Christ but always continually fall short and have to pick myself up and try again. Thankfully I have a loving forgiving Lord who knows this all too well but he loves me anyway.

Just a minute ago my dear friend DeNiece called on my cell phone and I was in here and didn't get to it in time, so sorry DeNiece, thanks for thinking of me and I will try and call you tomorrow after I get back from getting my van fixed. She has a blog over at here she is a wonderful woman and the best friend a person can have.

Well I didn't mean to write a whole book for my first post, just wanted to thank anyone who comes and reads it, I hope it will be entertaining for you.